Wondering which Face Mask is best? Here’s our Comprehensive Guide

From the last few months, face masks have become a necessity in our lives. A lot of questions pop up in the minds of people regarding their use, such as which face mask is best, are there any points to keep in mind while using them, among other things.

This is why we have written this article as a comprehensive guide for you. We will tell you everything you need to know about face masks, their types, and finally, where can you buy them. We would also shed light on other precautions you should take to sail through this pandemic.

Every proposition in this article is backed by authoritative sources. This is why you can rely on the points made by us. So, let’s dive right in!

The Corona Pandemic & How to protect ourselves

We are going through a pandemic which has affected almostevery country in the world. As of July 2020, more than 218 candidates are involved in the race of producing the vaccine for this virus. The truth is, it will take a significant time to produce the vaccine and then give a shot to whole population. This means the virus is here to stay, at least for a while. And we have to learn to live with it.

We can protect ourselves in the following ways:

  • Social Distancing

It is the best way to prevent the virus from approaching you. Make sure you stay 6 feet or 2 arm's length away from everyone, especially if the person is not your family member.

  • Wearing Facemasks

There are situations where you necessarily have to go between people. In such instances, you should wear face masks. We will talk about Facemasks in detail in the later section of this piece.

Changing clothes & Shoes

Make sure you change your clothes & shoes after you come from outside.Research points out the COVID-19 is airborne, so the particles could stick to your clothes. This is why you should change your clothes after coming from outside, especially if you had been to a place with lots of people.

Likewise, change your shoes & slippers and never bring them inside the house.Studies have shown that coronavirus can stick on the sole of shoes.

Frequent Sanitisation

Anything and everything that comes from outside your house should be sanitized, such as packet of bread, milk pouches, among other things. Keep the Amazon parcel in a corner of your house for a day or two till the virus becomes unviable. And even though most restaurants are following necessary guidelines, we suggest you refrain from ordering outside food.

Washing Hands

This is the most common advice among all. You have already heard it from everywhere, right from billboards, to TV ads. If possible, don’t use your hands for opening the tap, as the virus may get transmitted to the tap surface. Instead, try to do so through the elbow.

Types of Facemasks & which one you should use

People often ask ‘Which face mask is best’. The question is reasonable as there are several types of masks available in the market. Don’t worry, as we have listed down the types of masks commonly available in the market, along with the purposes they serve:

  • Surgical Masks

These are the most common masks among all. A surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that acts as a barrier between mouth and nose of the wearer against the environment. They are effective in blocking large-particle droplets but when it comes to blocking very small particles, they are not that effective.

Even though they are not ideal for protecting from Coronavirus, they could be used in situations where you don’t have to interact with people. They are disposable and ideally shouldn’t be used more than once. As they are cheap and easily available, we suggest you buy them in bulk quantity for day to day use. You can buy 50 masks in less than a dollar per maskfrom our website. These are made up of non-irritating materials and come with a pliable nose-piece for custom fit.

  • N95 & KN95 respirators & masks

First of all, let’s know the difference between N95 & KN95. While the former is US standard for respiratory masks, the latter is Chinese standards for masks. Both of them are nearly the same and there’s no significant difference between the two. So you can buy any one of them you get hold of.

KN95 Masks

Let’s talk about KN95 masks and their uses. These type of masks are tight-fitting and effective in filtering out 95 percent of very small particles. As they offer a higher level of protection, they are preferred by medicos.

Beware of Counterfeits

The corona crisis has seen an uprise in their demand and this is whyseveral counterfeit masks are developed by unauthorized people. We suggest you buy masks only from authentic sources as there are reported instances when people paid a hefty price for fake masks. You can buy a set of 50 disposable KN95 masks fromour website.

The KN95 masks sold by us provide essential filtration and offer more protection than standard disposable face masks. You won’t have to compromise on comfort as they are made of high-quality material for a soft and comfortable wearing experience. This is ideal especially for people who have to wear them for long hours.

How to use masks effectively

While everyone talks about which facemask is best, almost no one teaches the correct way of using them. These are some points to follow while wearing masks:

  • Clean your hands before wearing a mask
  • Make sure there is no gap on the sides
  • Avoid touching the masks, and if you do, make sure you wash your hands before proceeding
  • Before removing masks, make sure you clean your hands again. As you don’t want to touch the virus which may be present on the surface
  • Finally, remove the mask by the straps behind the ears or head. Do not remove it by holding it from the front as most people wrongly do.

Parting Notes

We hope this comprehensive guide about which facemask is best was helpful. If you wish to buy high quality, government-certified masks, you can visit  our website. We also sell other products such as hand sanitizers, thermometers, gloves, disinfectant wipes, among other things.

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Finally, you can avail free shipping on orders above $1000. Our supportive customer service executives are always happy to help you. So shoot us a mail to have a chat (old school call would also work).

Stay Safe.

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