New Years Resolutions for Your Company Safety

Set & Follow Emergency Protocols

Set & Follow Emergency Protocols

Emergencies don't often announce themselves. So the company must prepare for everything in your region that can disrupt safety to companies, employees, and customers. 

  • Anticipate natural disasters and similar emergencies by checking social media alerts. 
  • Identify risks to your company and how to protect them effectively. 
  • Create an emergency management plan. Ensure employees complete Emergency Response and Evacuation Training.


Issue a safety survey regularly. The cadence is up to the company's schedule. The survey should cover as follows:

  • How employees feel about management's commitment to safety.
  • The effectiveness of safety training.
  • How employees feel about reporting safety concerns

Conduct Safety Survey

Follow Industry Standards

Follow Industry Standards

Please make sure that the company is complying with all the OSHA standards. Companies must be aware and up to date on safety standards are for their specific industry. The employer needs to create a checklist that includes hazards like fire, electrical, and ergonomic. OSHA has strict standards when working with hazardous materials. Therefore it's incredibly important that companies use material safety data sheets for dangerous substances.

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