Choosing Disposable Food Handling Gloves

Why We Should Use Food Prep Gloves

Disposable food grade gloves are primarily used to protect against contaminating food. The FDA has concluded that handwashing alone is insufficient for protection against the spread of pathogenic transmission. This is because it is widely known that gloveless contact with food greatly contributes to the transmission of foodborne illness. Infected food preparers can easily share viral pathogens before they exhibit symptoms of being sick. Wearing disposable gloves adds another barrier between transmissible pathogens and the food that is being prepared, which is even more important during the non-cooking processes before it reaches the customer. Other protections for using food preparation gloves include protecting the worker from spicy foods, and other irritants from entering hand cuts. Disposable gloves also

What To Look For in Food Grade Gloves

It is important to know that gloves can easily become contaminated, and should be changed often. Ideally a pair of gloves should be worn for one task only, and be replaced every four hours even for a single task. Hands should be washed with soap and water before putting on new gloves.

Best Materials for Food Grade Gloves

Food grade disposable gloves are made of materials that are safe for use with food preparation and food packaging. There are many different types of materials that can be used. Nitrile is a great material for food preparation because it does not contain contaminants and additives. Nitrile is a strong material that is resistant to rips and tears. It is also form-fitting and comfortable for wearing at long durations. Vinyl is also a good material of choice for food prep. Both nitrile and vinyl are ideal for tasks that require dexterity and sensitivity, which is why food grade disposable gloves are typically thinner (2 to 3 mils thick) to promote tactical sensitivity and are also widely used by tattoo artists.

Powered Versus Non-Powdered Gloves

Although the powered gloves can reduce possible tears and rips by reducing friction, non-powdered gloves are preferred for food handling uses. This is because the powder can increase the risk of contamination.

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