The Shortage of PPE Disposable Gloves in the World

We at Spirit Sanitizer would like to give you our deepest gratitude for your support over this difficult year. There is growing concern of a shortage of personal protective equipment supplies here in America, and according to our resources, all indicators point to being true especially with disposable gloves. China produces most of the world’s need for vinyl gloves, but when the lockdown started back in January it created a great shortage of supply despite factories slowly coming back online. The Chinese government is also purchasing disposable gloves for their country, which is also contributing to the reduction of exports. We are hearing the same scenario with nitrile in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, who are the world’s leading nations for export. 

Right now the Health-care sector is being affected by this. We suspect within three to six months the shortage will be felt in other sectors. If you need more gloves we have a lot in stock. Let us know if you need our help or have any questions about discount pricing. 

CLEANGUARD Disposable Nitrile Gloves - 100 Pack

Disposable Vinyl Gloves - 100 Pack

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