The Shortage of PPE Disinfectant Wipes in the World

There is a growing concern of personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages in America, and while we speculate on supplies during these uncertain times, we at Spirit Sanitizer are unfortunately seeing that the shortages of gloves & wipes are very real. This is why Spirit Sanitizer has been stocking up on disposable gloves & wipes. Are you in need of disposable gloves & disinfectant wipes? Let us know if you need our help or have any questions about discount pricing.

Why is toilet paper back on the shelves, and not wipes?

The short answer is that the toilet paper industry doesn’t suffer a complex supply chain of raw materials.

  1. shortage of fabric materials.

  2. shortage of chemical ingredients.

  3. shortage of packaging materials.

Disinfectant wipes are generally made by cutting up huge rolls of fabric into the little squares that are placed into a packaging container, and then the containers of little fabric squares are deposited with chemicals. 

Unfortunately a majority of wipes are made with polyester spunlace, a material that is used a lot in the PPE industry and has to compete with masks, medical gowns, and other PPE supplies. As you can imagine, the demand for masks is very high, which has Clorox and other manufacturers projecting it could be as long as 2021 before wipes could make a full-scale return to our shopping ailes. 

Quaternary ammonium compounds are active ingredients in over 200 disinfectants that are currently recommended by the US EPA for use against SARS & COVID-19. The largest exporter of this chemical ingredient used in wipes is China, and because of factory restrictions it has become hard for disinfectant wipe manufacturers to get a hold of this material. 

Package suppliers are having a hard time supplying canisters for wipes, so much so that the industry has been rethinking their packaging. Some are getting around the canister shortage by packaging wipes in soft packs.

Currently we have tons of soft pack disinfectant wipes. If you are in need of wipes let us know how we can help. 


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