The Dangers of Heat Exposure

The Dangers of heat exposure

Outdoor work can be challenging enough, but in higher temperature conditions, it can be serious, even fatal. Here are five heat illness to think about on a hot day at the Jobsite:

1. Heat Stroke

2. Heat Exhaustion

3. Heat Cramps

4. Sunburn

5. Heat Rash


Prepare yourself and your employees by monitoring your Jobsite conditions and having heat stress solutions available. Here are some helpful tips to keep cool and stay safe in the heat:

REFUEL AND HYDRATE OFTEN. Hydrates with electrolytes help replace carbs, electrolytes, and fluids that are lost when sweating.

USE HEAT STRESS PREVENTIVE CLOTHING. Wearing garments such as a cooling vest, evaporative cooling towel, and cooling headbands.

MONITOR THE WEATHER. Check the weather forecast often.

USE SUNSCREEN. If possible avoid direct sun for prolonged periods.

MONITOR YOURSELF. Be mindful of how you feel and what you consume, like diuretic foods and liquids.

TEAMWORK. Monitor your co-workers.

PACE YOURSELF. Take frequent breaks and know your limits.

Increased Risk Factors

While being healthy certainly helps, don't let your ego send you to the emergency room. If you or an employee identify with anything in the list below you should be more mindful during hot days and increased heat conditions.
  • Individuals above the of 65 years.
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and possibly other conditions.
  • Medication that affects the body's reaction to heat such as antihistamines, beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, diuretics, and antidepressants.
  • The use of stimulates such as alcohol and other drugs.
  • Individuals with disabilities and difficulties moving around.

Symptoms and First Aid

To summarize, heat exposure can be very dangerous to you and your employees and have serious effects on their health and safety. You can prevent, reduce or even eliminate heat exposure by taking action, build a heat stress solution plan for you and your employees.

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